Chef Salad



  • 1.5 kg of Beef Tomato and 1 kg of  Cherry Tomato

  • 2 kg of Castellano, 2 kg of Fressee Lettuce, 0.3 kg of Italian Basil 

  • 2 kg of Rocket,  1.5 kg of Lolo, 0.6 kg of Sweet Pepper(yellow/red)

  • 0.5 kg of Onion, 1.5 kg of Parmesan, 1 L of Olive Oil, 1 L of Horeca Select Balsamic Vinegar Modena

  • 10 g of Oregano, 10 g of Salt

  • 15 g of Pepper

Cooking & Preparation:

  1. Nicely Cleaned and rinse off all the vegetables and greens, pick them into a good bite side. 

  2. Cut the fresh beef tomato into quarter and cut the sweet pepper into a nice julienne.

  3. Pick the basil and slices some fresh onion.

  4. For dressing, Pour in balsamic vinegar into a bowl and slowly drizzle with olive oil by whisking, season with salt and pepper and a touch of oregano.

  5. In the Bowl,Place in all the greens and vegs and pour in the dressing and toss well, sprinkle some oregano and A good shave of parmesan is perfect.