How to make dry cuttlefish(Tips & Tricks)

Cuttlefish are good source of vitamins and have a fuller flavor taste compared to squid. It’s quite a versatile seafood ingredient that it can be stewed, fried, or dried to name a few! Get the some tips for if you want to dry your own with bonus usage tricks>>>


  1. Select fresh plump cuttlefish

  2. Clean cuttlefish by removing the eyes and organs. The fins and cuttle bone remain. The colored membrane can be left on too. 

  3. Cut the cuttlefish lengthwise on the abdominal side to spread it out.

  4. Wash cuttlefish in salted water to remove contaminants and rinse again in fresh water to remove excess salt.

  5. Sun-dry in 7 hours intervals over 2 days, while air drying overnight inside. 

  6. Or dehydrating in a machine, prep as you would for sun drying, then chill in refrigerator for 12 hours, rinse, place on dehydrator plates with no overlap, and dehydrate for up to 12 hours at 145°F. 

  7. Store dried cuttlefish in zip lock bags, glass jars or vacuum-sealed containers in dark area at room temperature for no more than two months. Or freezing to extend shelf life. 

  8. To reconstitute for various dishes, soak in room temperature water covered overnight or 1 hour in a baking soda water solution @ 1tsp. per quart of water.