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Why food safety is important?

As an internationally leading specialist in food wholesaling, who has implemented effective and reliable supply chain systems and food safety practices already in 35 countries globally, METRO’s efficient supply chain system can be a solution for Myanmar market.  By utilizing METRO’s supply chain system, over 3,300 food and non-food high quality products as well as customized services will be delivered to the professional customers including HoReCa, independent small traders and offices.

Globally, METRO’s innovative tractability system has worked throughout the whole supply chain system; from the producers to the customers. All of their product data will be entered into METRO’s own database which then be consolidated online and by way of a unique product identification, it is then possible to obtain detailed information about individual products. With this new tractability system, HoReCa customers can retrieve the main product data such as origin and time of processing for all products delivered to them. Moreover, the products delivered from METRO’s will consist of food labeling where stakeholders can easily see the detailed information about the products they receive. METRO is also planning to implement the same approach in Myanmar gradually which in turn will help the development of the whole’s supply chain system of Myanmar.

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Crop Production Handling and Good Agricultural Practices


Crop Production Handling and Good Agricultural Practices training aim to boost the productivity and profitability of farmers through sustainable farming and furthermore, aiming to improving more access to quality agricultural inputs, and help farmers develop the requisite skills for sustainable farming through training, knowledge sharing and practical field visit sessions. These training will equip local farmers with necessary awareness, knowledge and skills in areas such as production, harvesting, processing and packaging. Unlocking the potential in agricultural players to better serve end customers and promote food safety and sourcing local produce would promote Myanmar’s agricultural sector and foster export opportunities through the firm’s international sourcing channels. METRO Wholesale Myanmar will start these training for corps and farms within the year 2018 and will expand our GAP training to Aqua and Livestock and Poultry farms, pork and beef farms as well.