Lanquetot Camembert 45% FDM Wooden Box 250g_ Order by Piece

The Nutri-score allows you to identify the nutritional quality of the product at a glance. You can thus identify the products to favor and those which are to be consumed occasionally or in small quantities.To classify each product, research teams have developed a score which takes into account, for 100 grams of product, the content:

  • in nutrients and foods to promote: fiber, protein, fruits and vegetables.

  • in nutrients to limit: energy, saturated fatty acids, sugars, salt.

allergens: lactose

retention: 4 ° c - 8 ° c

consumer benefits: Ladle-molded, taste power, 100% Norman milk.

ingredients: cow's milk, lactic and maturing ferments, salt, animal rennet, calcium chloride.