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Gelato di natura STRACCIA 2.5L Piece

Gelato di natura Straciatella is an Italian,  homemade ice cream, decorated with pieces of dark chocolate that takes into account new lifestyles, particularly sensitive to a healthy and balanced diet. It contains frozen cream with vegetable fat and pieces of dark chocolate inside and on the surface.


  • rehydrated skimmed MILK, 

  • whole milk, 

  • sugar, 

  • refined coconut oil (7,5%), 

  • dark chocolate (7%) [sugar, cocoa paste, 

  • cocoa butter, 

  • emulsifier (soya lecithin), 

  • natural vanilla flavor], 

  • cream (MILK), 

  • dextrose, 

  • concentrated MILK, 

  • glucose syrup, 

  • emulsifiers (mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, 

  • esters of propane-1,2-diol with fatty acids), 

  • stabilizers (gum guar, tara gum), 

  • aroma