METRO Chef Sorbet Mango - 2.5l Piece_ Order by Piece

METRO Chef Sorbet mango 2.5L Piece

Mango sorbet 90% with mango pieces 10% , Exclusive Own Brands product by METRO, Fair price with high quality.


  • mango puree 40.5% (acidity regulator: E330), 

  • drinking water,

  • sugar,

  • glucose-fructose syrup, 

  • natural mango aroma, 

  • gelling agents: E415, E417, E440, 

  • dextrose, 

  • hydrolysed pea proteins, 

  • acid: E330 , 

  • processed mango pieces 10%: mango pieces 7%,  

  • thickener: E415, 

  • natural flavor, 

  • antioxidant: E300, 

  • color: E161b.

  • Percentage based on the whole product.

Metro Chef is the brand for its own food products. Passion, dedication and knowledge come together in this brand. Metro Chef promises very high quality, which meets strict quality requirements. Metro Chef's products are designed, developed and produced in collaboration with professionals. Everything is thoroughly tested by chefs in the test kitchens. Put your dishes together with Metro Chef. From starter to dessert.