Ponthier Frozen Puree Raspberry 5kg_ Order by Piece

Maison Ponthier has chosen to combine two varieties of raspberry to obtain a taste both intense and perfectly balanced. The Willamette offers its pronounced and tangy fragrance with a high Brix rate, while the Mecker brings its full-bodied flavour. The Mecker variety is more fragile and highly sensitive to changes in weather conditions (temperature and rainfall). As such, our partner producer has developed cultivation at altitude between 300m and 1000m above sea level, exclusively on hillsides. To cancel any bitterness, the achenes are removed from the purée during processing, only the flesh of the fruit remains.
Product Specification
Recommended Storage: Frozen, Temperature < -18°C/ -0.4° F
Harvest: Jun & July
Colour : Red
Flavour Combinations:Coconut, passion fruit, yuzu, red pepper
For optimal defrosting, leave for 12 hours in the refrigerator.
Do not refreeze once defrosted.
Food safety : Systematic pesticide residue testing conducted by an independent laboratory based in Germany