Ponthier Frozen Puree Blackberry 1kg _ Order by Piece

PONTHIER blackberry purée is made with farmed blackberries, sweeter and softer than the wild fruit. Selected for their fruity and tangy flavour, these blackberries grown in the plains of Serbia are also even in size with a dark ruby-tinted colour. At full ripeness, these juicy berries are very fragile and our partner farmer hand-picks them in several stages to ensure we only use berries at the peak of ripeness therefore with the greatest flavour.

Product Specification

  • Recommended Storage: Frozen, Temperature < -18°C/ -0.4° F

  • Harvast : Jul & Aug

  • COLOUR : Red-black

  • FLAVOUR COMBINATIONS:Coconut, blackcurrant, pear, banana

  • For optimal defrosting, leave for 12 hours in the refrigerator.

  • Do not refreeze once defrosted.

  • Food safety : Systematic pesticide residue testing conducted by an independent laboratory based in Germany.