KELLY's Back Bacon, sliced - 1kg - Pack_ Order by Pack

We select the premier leaner back bacon and streaky bacon cut, of European origin, cured with lower salt level, to ensure that you will have the best bacon that best suit to Asian consumer liking.  Normally, used for the breakfast offering, the bacon is cured and smoked with natural fire smoke to give the its natural smoke taste.  Bacon can also be wrap-rolled on asparagus for BBQ, or oven baked to retain the bacon juicy texture.Aglio Olio / Carbonara pasta with bacon, baked potato, premier club sandwich are all possible usage recommendations.Such premier cut bacon, is top choice for Chef who wants the top quality bacon meat, and with their unlimited creativity, the bacon can be used across various dishes, and they will be glad to have unique lower saltiness level that will not be overpowering and display other key ingredient taste more.  

The small pack size of 1 Kg, is handy and ensure optimum freshness of the bacon.

  • Back Bacon 1 kg

  • Packaging Size: 1 kg/pkt x 5 pkts/ctn

  • CTN size EXT( L x W x H): 311 x 285 x 126 mm

  • Shelf Life: 12 months

  • Packing Condition: Frozen SLICED-PLAIN PP VACUUM PACK

  • (Keep Chilled at 1-4 degree Celsius. Once opened, consume within 3 days.)