KELLY'S Chicken Chipolata - 1kg - pack_ Order by Pack

Chipolata sausages are great for any breakfast offering and they can be served by simpl water cooking / blanching to heat up.The spices blend as used, allow the sausage to have its own taste profile, to be enjoyed by itself.The collagen casing as used, is edible and give a slight tougher bite feel, and display the full flavour of the sausage.Highly recommended our chipolata sausage for buffet breakfast sausage, or bun sausage, or potato salad topping. 

  • Chicken Chipolata- 1 kg

  • Packaging Size:1kg/ pkt x 5 pkts/ctn

  • CTN SIZE EXT( L x W x H):346 x273 x 115 mm

  • Shelf Life: 12 months

  • Packing Condition: Frozen

  • (Storage: Keep Frozen at - 18 degree Celsius and below. Cook before consumption. After thawed should not be refrozen. Once opened,consume within 3 days.)