Aust. Beef - Frozen - Chuck Roll - Grass Fed 'A' -Whole Piece (4-5kg) kg price, Order by kg

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Made up of multiple muscles, chuck is a well used area so contains a great deal of connective tissue. Popular for its balance of meat and fat, the chuck offers ribs, roasts and steaks and suits a range of cooking methods. Perfect for curries and stews with great full flavor and a fantastic gelatinous texture.Because of its high amounts of connective tissue, the chuck roll is popular as a slow cook or braising cut. And it’s also good for thinly sliced Korean style grill cooking.

  • Most widely consumed meat in the world 

  • A source of high-quality protein and nutrients

  • Beef contributes to the maintenance and growth of muscle mass

  • The quoted price is per 1kg

  • The prices of all weighted items are subject to change at the time of weighting

Best Way to Cook

Casserole : Meat cubes (approx. 20mm) covered in liquid and simmered on a low heat.

NOTE: Product will be cut as per item description. For customized cuts please contact our customer care center.Meat is portioned, plastic wrapped and delivered frozen.METRO will portion one whole piece into steaks, so the finished weight will vary and be reflected in the delivery invoice.