Aust. Lamb - Frozen - Shank fore Bone in - (~0.5kg) Whole Piece, (~1kg) per pack, kg price, Order by kg

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Lamb Shanks for Bone in comes from the area of meat and bone that sits above the knee joint and below the leg.It is prepared from both a forequarter and a leg by a cut through the joint that connects it to either the shoulder or leg bone.Slow cooking turns this tough cut of lamb into the most tender, succulent, fall off the bone meat, while creating a luxurious depth of flavor in this delicious gravy.

Best way to cook

  • Stir-fry: Meat strips( approx.10 mm wide, 75 mm long) cooked quickly on a hot surface in small batches.

  • Pan-fry: Steaks ( min.21 mm thick) cooked on a hot surface to appropriate doneness.

  • Corn : Meat cured and prepared by a slow, wet cook.

  • Roast : Meat roasted in an oven preheated to recommended temperature and cooked to appropriate doneness.