Aust. Lamb - Frozen - Shoulder boneless netted - Whole Piece (1.2-2kg), kg price, Order by kg

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As a well-exercised muscle,the shoulder boneless netted delivers a tender and flavoursome result when cooked moist,using low and slow methods. The meat is taken from a square cut shoulder,prepared from the forequarter. The bones and connective tissue are removed before rolling and netting the cut in preparation for cooking. Sold in Carton.

Best way to cook

  • Casserole: Meat cubes (Approx. 20 mm)covered in liquid and simmered on a low heat.

  • Stir-fry: Meat strips( approx.10mm wide, 75mm long) cooked quickly on a hot surface in small batches.

  • Roast : Meat roasted in an oven preheated to recommended temperature and cooked to appropriate doneness.