Aust. Lamb - Frozen - French Rack cap on frenched - (0.5-0.8kg), Rib by Rib PORTIONS CUTS, kg price, Order by kg

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Lamb French Rack Cap on is derived from the loin and cut from the rack,the cutlet is made up of the eye of loin muscle, a rib and a cap of fat. During cooking,the cap helps the cutlet retain moisture and imparts a rich flavor into the meat.

Best way to cook

  • Pan-fry: Steaks ( min.21mm thick) cooked on a hot surface to appropriate doneness.

  • Barbecue: Steaks( min. 21mm thick) cooked on a hot surface/grill to appropriate doneness.

  • Roast : Meat roasted in an oven preheated to recommended temperature and cooked to appropriate doneness.