Frozen Spanish Pork, Belly Skin On - Whole Piece (5-6.5kg), kg price, Order by kg

The quoted price is per kg.The prices of all weighted items are subject to change at the time of weighting.

  • Cut - Pork belly, well trimmed (20 cm * 50 cm )

  • Weight Range per piece - 5-6.5kg

  • Slaughter Pig Age 22-25 weeks

  • Vacuum wrapped and labelled

  • Product of Spain

  • Cut out of pork carcasses weight 85-95kg

  • Feed with high quality feed – mainly corn, barley, oats and wheat

  • A grade, max 5mm external fat boneless, sheet / single ribbed Skin on, flank off, 

  • Tip off Diaphragm muscles on 

  • No rest of glands admited 

  • No rest of blood vassels

  • No Blood clots, no cartilages admited or rest of bones, nipples side cut off

  • No additives, no injected, no tumble, no salt

  • Soft, firm and flexible when you touch

  • Fresh and soft smell