Frozen Spanish Suckling Pig, Whole Pig (6-8kg), kg price, Order by kg

The quoted price is per kg.The prices of all weighted items are subject to change at the time of weighting.

  • Suckling Pig (Age Slaughtering at 32days)

  • Average Weight - 5-6kg per pig

  • Product delivered frozen and thermo plastic wrapped

  • Days from Slaughtering to packaging 1, taken from a cold 0-4 degree C carcasses

  • Clean entire carcass

  • No hair, No fat in abdominal cavity, No blood spots, 

  • No any offals or rest of offals in the abdominal and thorachic cavity

  • No piglets with black pigmented spots

  • Kind of Cutting - Opened Portuguese Cut

  • Thickness of fat on the ridge for meaty pig up to 15mm (if are fatty pig bigger than 15mm)

  • No knife incission in the tenderloin

  • No knife incission in the flank meat

  • 100% meat. No additives