Frozen Spanish Pork, Back Fat Skin off 5kg, kg price, Order by kg

Due to its taste and various preparation possibilities, red meat is very common on the tables and menus of restaurants, and METRO has prepared a rich offer for all lovers of this type of meat. 

  • Without any part of rind, meat and blood spot

  • Frozen -18°C

  • Origin- EU Origin

  • Classification- Cut out of pork carcasses classification S, E, U, carcass weight 80-95 kg

  • Age- 22-25 weeks

  • Process- Days from slaughtering to packaging 1-3, taken from cold carcasses.

  • Cut- Pork Back fat from Loin

  • Further ingredients: No additives, No injected, no tumble, no salt

  • Consistency: Soft, Firm and Flexible when you touch. No PSE meat.