Frozen Duck with Head, no wing tip, no feet - Large, 2.25-2.44kg, Order by Pcs

Duck King has monitored its production quality according to the ISO international standards at every production stage in order to meet the demands of the market in terms of quality and safety for consumers. Duck King is recognised by GMP, HACCP, BRC Standards for Exports (EST-183) Food Safety Standard (Q), ISO 9001 and Halal.

Their male and female breeders are imported from Grimaud Freres, France, and Cherry Valley,  UK, which have a long-standing, globally recognised prestige as the world’s leading duck breed developers.

  • Low in fat and cholesterol

  • Can be used in as various dishes as any other meat and 

  • Has a unique flavour

  • Whole duck without giblets. Includes head, body, two cut wings, two cut legs, no feet

  • (-18*C) cold chain from Thailand to Customer