Mixed Seafood ( Tilapia, Cuttlefish, River Prawn ) - 1kg/Pkt, Order by Pack

An endless source of inspiration to gastronomes around the world. Seafood is widely used in cuisine because of its simple preparation and characteristically mild taste, which provide numerous options for pairing with a wide variety of foods. METRO provides a rich and exclusive selection of seafood which makes our offer unique in the market.

Tilapia: Tilapia are an excellent choice on the menu as they are low calorie foods that are rich in protein and omega 3 fatty acids. METRO offers you a carefully selected range of freshwater fish, which is farmed in domestic ponds across the country. 

Cuttlefish: Cuttlefish meat is rich in various nutrients and is highly appreciated by seafood lovers. It is often used as an ingredient in many salads.

River Prawn: Applies to real delicacies. Firm, semi-transparent meat of fresh prawn can be of different colors depending on the species itself.