Frozen - White Pomfret, Whole, 100-200g - 4 fish, Order by kg

One of the favorite fish on the table. It is characterized by delicious meat that melts in the mouth. Ideal for serving with different sauces and suitable for different storage.

Rich in protein, essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals. It contains a small amount of fat and can be prepared in various ways.  It is an excellent choice on the menu as they are low calorie foods that are rich in protein and omega 3 fatty acids. METRO offers you a carefully selected range of freshwater fish, which is farmed in domestic ponds across the country. 

How to spot Fresh Fish

  • Fin : The fins must be preserved, resilient and free from damage. Damage is often a sign of long fishing and overfilled nets, while stuck fins occur due to inappropriate storage conditions.

  • Clear eyes : Eye clarity is one of the most significant indicators of freshness. The eyes of fresh fish are clear and free from damage, while the eyes of stale fish are dull and bloody.

  • Branchiae: The bright red color of the gills is another indication of freshness. Individual partitions must be separated. If they are stuck or slimy, they indicate that the fish is not fresh.

  • The smell of fillets: Fresh fillets should not have a strong odor. If the fillets have a stinging or enhanced "fish" odor, they are not for use.