Mazza Tidbits Pineapples in Light Syrup Tin 3.1ltr _ Order by Piece

Mazza Tidbits Pineapples in Light Syrup Tin 3.1ltr

When it is no longer pineapple season, but the desire to savor them, it is convenient to have at home a jar of excellent pineapple in syrup made with healthy and good quality ingredients.

Pineapples in syrup are a great way to preserve these tasty fruits, with the sole addition of water-based syrup, sugar and lemon juice.

Net weight : 3035g

Drained weight : 1840g

Storage in cool and dry place

Once opened, transfer the contents to a non-metallic container, refrigerate and consume within 3-4 days

Ingredients : Tidbits pineapple, Light pineapple juice, Sugar

Nutrition Information - serving size per 100g

71.2KJ  - Calories

<2.25 kcal - Calories from fat

<0.25 g - Total fat

<0.025g - Saturated fat

<1.00mg- Cholesterol

1.2mg    - Sodium

17.8g     - Total carbohydrate

0.61g     - Dietary fiber

15.4g     - Sugars

<0.25g   - Protein

<16.6mg - Vitamin A

3.56mg   - Vitamin C

22.2mg   - Calcium

0.17mg   - Iron