Mazza Peaches Halves in Light Syrup Tin 2.65kg _ Order by Piece

Mazza Peaches Halves in Light Syrup Tin 2.6kg

When it is no longer peach season, but the desire to savor them for example in winter is back, it is convenient to have at home a jar of excellent peaches in syrup made with healthy and good quality ingredients.

Peaches in syrup are a great way to preserve these tasty fruits, with the sole addition of water-based syrup, sugar and lemon juice.

- Net weight : 2.6kg

- Once opened, the product, store it in the refrigerator covered by its preserving liquid and consume it within five days.

Nutrition Facts

Average Nutritional values for 100g of product

63 kcal - Energy

0.1g  - Fat

0g     - Of which saturates

14.5g - Carbohydrate

13.2g - Of which sugars

0.5g  - Protein

0g     - Salt