Mazza Quartered Artichokes in Water Tin 2.5kg _ Order by Piece

Mazza Quatered Artichoke Olives in water Tin 2.4kg

The best of artichokes, deprived of the tough outer leaves, cut into wedges lengthwise and kept in acidulated water.

- Sterilized

- Produced in Morocco

 Once opened, store it in the refrigerator and consume it within 2-3 days.

Ingredients :artichoken,water,salt,

Nutrition Facts

Average Nutritional values for 100g of product

132 kcal - Energy

9.5g - Fat

1.2g - Of which saturates

9.7g - Carbohydrate

0g - Of which sugars

2.0g - Fibre

1.0g - Protein

2.7g - Salt