Mazza Canned Boiled Borlotti Beans (Fagioli Borlotti) Tin 2.5ltr _ Order by Piece

Mazza Canned Borlotti Beans Fagioli Borlotti Tin 6x2.6ltr

The borlotti beans, large and dark color (maroon), have an intense flavor and are particularly suitable for soups and passed.

Product of Italy

Keep in a cool, dry and clean place away from heat sources.

Once opened, keep refrigerated in a non-metallic food container and consume within 3 days.

Ingredients : Water, Rehydrated beans, Salt

Nutrition Information per 100g

59kcal  - Energy

0.3g    - Fat

0.0g    - of which saturates

6.7g       - Carbohydrate

0.0g      - of which sugars

5.7g      - Fiber

4.6g      - Protein

0.45g    - Salt