Mazza Sliced Green Olives Tin 2.6kg _ Order by Piece

Mazza Sliced Black Olives Tin 2.6kg

Olives are very nutrients and precious to the body thanks to the balance between the various components such as fiber, vitamins, minerals, fats and, in particular oleic acid that helps to counteract the absorption of bad cholesterol.

- Sterilized

- Produced in Morocco

Net weight : 2600g

Once opened, store it in the refrigerator and consume it within 2-3 days.

Ingredients : Olives, water, salt, colour stabilizer : ferrous gluconate

Nutrition Values for 100g

189 kcal - Energy

19 g     - Fat

2.7 g     - of which saturated

2.2 g     - Carbohydrate

<0.4 g    - of which sugars

2.0 g     - Fibre

1.2 g     - Protein

2.9 g    - Salt