Miyata Tempura Batte Mix 1kg _ Order by Piece

Miyata Tempura Batte Mix 1kg _ Order by Piece

A handful of bread crumbs. Light crispy breadcrumbs, from baked bread. Free of melamine,Free of 3-MCPD,1,3-DCP,conform to EU/US standard.


  • Net weight: 150g

  • Store in a cool and dry place.

Ingredients : Wheat flour, Corn Starch,White Pepper Powder

Raising agent : Sodium hydrogen carbonate, Glucose

Preparation :

1. Clean the shrimp or vegetable

2. Cut a slit on the back of each shrimp, make it straight.

3. Prepare 100g of Tempura powder mix with 150ml-200ml cold water until it become thick paste

4. Dip the shrimp in the mixed paste, make the surface fully cover with paste.

5. Make some crisp flacks by frying some of the paste in oil temperature <180*C

6. Put the prepared shrimp in the oil and coated with crisp flacks. Deep fry until it becomes golden.