Nagar Pyan Green Tea Bag 20'sx2g _ Order by Piece

 Nagar Pyan Green Tea 20's Tea Bag 40g

- Green tea, rich in Anti-Oxidants, is widely recommended as a Health Drink to prevent Heart Ailments, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Cancer, Stomach, Inflammation, Ulcers and other Gastro-intestinal problems, Dental Cavities and Plaque, Diabetes and Excessive Fat

- Nagar Pyan presents a range of speciality teas

- No Chemical fertilizer and pesticides

- Hand picked-just two tender leaves and the bud-where full flavour is concentrated

- The whole process is carried out under very strict hygienic condition

- Net Weight - 40g (2g x 20 tea bags)


Green Tea, No additives

How to use

- Put the tea into the pot

- Pour boiling water

- Cover for a minute and is ready to served


Store in a cool dry and clean air tight container after opening.