Diversey Snapback Floor Spray Buffing Maintainer 5ltr_ Order by Piece

For conventional maintenance systems. Gives you that “just-finished" shine. Keeps your floors looking their best at all times. Delivers state-of-the-art performance and cost efficiency. 

Handling & Storage: 

  • Store in original closed containers away from children,food,pets,flames and heat.


  • Do not swallow or inhale.

  • Avoid contact with eyes or skin or inhale

  • Wear rubber gloves during usage.

  • Clean gloves,hands and body with water and soap every time after use or touch the product.

  • Do not dispose or its used-container in river,canal or public water.


  • Leaves floor with high gloss

  • Removes black heel marks

  • Removes scuffs

  • Repairs scratches

  • Pleasant fragrance