Diversey Shine Up Furniture Cleaner 5ltr_ Order by Piece

Shine-up is a remarkable product that waxes, protects most surfaces except floors- does it instantly in just one spray and wipe of the surface.Removes stains, smudges, fingerprints, and leaves a hard dust free finish in no time than it takes to do normal dusting. And once Shine-up is a part of regular maintenance procedure, even the time spent on normal dusting is reduced because dust so quickly zips off the waxed surfaces.

Shine up works magic on most surface including both metal and wood furniture, office equipment of all types, wood and ceramic paneling, water coolers, fixtures, filling cabinets, chrome trim, silver trophies, counters, leather articles, stainless steel, brass and porcelain surfaces, vinyl upholstery and marble.

Note: Do not use Shine up on floors. They may become slippery.