Diversey Stride Floral General Floor Care With Fragrance 20L_ Order by Piece

Stride Floral is a product for general daily cleaning to remove dirt and grime from all washable surfaces. The fresh strong fragrance in Stride Floral will attach to those surfaces and no rinsing needed.

Direction for Use:

  • For daily cleaning on washable surfaces: Dilute Stride Floral 1:20 with water. mop or swab the area or surface to be cleaned,pick up excess and let dry. No rinsing needed.

  • For cleaning toilet bowl and urinal: Use Stride Floral purely without mixing with water.

Handling & Storage: 

  • Store in original closed containers away from children,food,pets,flames and heat.


  • Do not swallow or inhale.

  • Avoid contact with eyes or skin or inhale

  • Wear rubber gloves during usage.

  • Clean gloves,hands and body with water and soap every time after use or touch the product.

  • Do not dispose or its used-container in river,canal or public water.