Diversey Extraction Cleaner for carpet 5L_ Order by Piece

Use as a prespray, bonnet buff or extraction cleaner. Low-foam formula works with today's high-pressure extractors. Contains corrosion inhibitors to protect equipment. Colorless with a floral fresh scent.


  • Effective formula provides excellent cleaning in hot or cold water, resists resoiling and maintains excellent hard water tolerance with no optical brighteners

  • Versatile product that can be used as a liquid extraction cleaner, traffic lane pre-spray or bonnet buff cleaner

  • User-friendly low foam formula for the needs of today's high pressure carpet extractors

  • Wool Safe approved

Specs & Application Instructions:

  • Use as a multi-purpose carpet cleaner

  • Safe to use on all synthetic carpets

  • Vacuum carpet to remove loose soil and pre-spot carpet prior to cleaning


  • Do not swallow or inhale.

  • Avoid contact with eyes or skin or inhale