Diversey Microfiber Cleaning Cloth White Color 5's 40x40cm _ Order by Pack

Microfiber is a synthetic fibre that can be split through a unique manufacturing technique to a diameter of 1/100th of a strand of human hair, which is smaller than most bacteria and dust particles. These fibers are then knit through a special process to make cleaning cloths and mops. Microfibers, when used dry, create a static charge which attracts dry soil, bacteria and dust. When used damp, they can absorb up to 900% of their weight and use capillary action to lift and trap dirt, moisture and bacteria.

Good performance, time and time again! TASKI MyMicro is a knitted microfiber cleaning cloth designed for spray and wipe and pre-wetted cleaning. The fine fibers of the cloth make it easy to penetrate into the surface at a finer level than normal fibers, removing higher levels of dirt, dust and bacteria.


  • Compact cloth that is washable and reusable

  • TASKI MyMicro are available in four different colors which enables end users to comply with common color coding practices

  • TASKI MyMicro can be used dry or damp and is most suited for spray and wipe or pre-wetted cleaning methods

  • Fine fibers create a capillary effect with the cloth that collects and retains dirt and dust particles from the surface, removing the need for a second drying pass

  • The cloths are guaranteed for at least 300 washes when recommended care instructions are followed, allowing for long-term use