METRO Professional Universal/Forged Serrated Knife 130mm_ Order by Piece

METRO Professional Universal/Forged Serrated Knife 130 mm is High durability with ergonomic handle and it's highest cutting performance.

Appreciated by Chefs

Used by Chefs for 6 months in real-life conditions of a professional kitchen.METRO Professional range of non-food products guarantees the reliability and efficiency of the work of top chefs in a professional and modern kitchen. Top quality products and practical craftsmanship offer a comprehensive program of professional catering equipment, supplies and tools necessary for quality and efficient preparation of meals, as well as practical furnishing of a modern kitchen. METRO Professional, in short, is the complete solution for every professional gastronomist, in one place.

Product Features

Product Attributes-

  • Ultra sharp blade, resistant and elastic at the same time -special steel alloy 

  • Resistant to frequent re-sharpening needed in professional environment

  • Ergonomic handle designed to avoid any residue build-up between handle & blade

Product Usage-

Suitable for both right-handed as well as left-handed chefs with different size hands

Product Performance-

Cutting test (CATRA) in professional lab:

  1. Cutting performance

  2. Elasticity

  3. Re-sharpening

  4. Fitting for professional

  5. Usage