METRO Professional Fry Pan coat Aluminium 28cm_ Order by Piece

1.Durability -Teflon® coating for professional-grade usage

2.Energy efficient -quick heat-up & cool-down

3.Ergonomic handle

Product Features

Product attributes-

1)Teflon™ coating especially developed for professional usage

2)40 µm coating thickness ensuring optimal resistance to scratches and  abbrasion

3)Superior non-stick performance

4)Made without PFOA

5)Ergonomic handle specially designed for heavy duty use

Product Performance-

Scratch resistance test(Mechanical Tiger Paw)

-Better than reference product

Non Stick function after abrasion(Milk and Pancake Test)

-As good as reference product

Appreciated by Chefs

Used by Chefs for 6 months in real-life conditions of a professional kitchen

The METRO Professional range of non-food products guarantees the reliability and efficiency of the work of top chefs in a professional and modern kitchen. Top quality products and practical craftsmanship offer a comprehensive program of professional catering equipment, supplies and tools necessary for quality and efficient preparation of meals, as well as practical furnishing of a modern kitchen. METRO Professional, in short, is the complete solution for every professional gastronomist, in one place.